Lokalizo 2.0
“Lokalizo” provides an innovative way for citizens to identify and address environmental and urban problems and to create sustainable and resilient communities in Kosovo. Lokalizo is a user-friendly system that in a matter of minutes enables every citizen concerned with any issue he/she faces in their community to directly report it to the municipality officials, and other stakeholders who are competent about that issue. Users will be able to easily report problems on a wide range of areas and issues affecting their environment like the physical waste, infrastructural problems, construction risks, traffic hazards, disaster risk reduction, loss of wildlife, illegal logging, etc. Lokalizo builds bridges of efficient communication between citizens, governments, and other relevant stakeholders by offering a tech based tool to address environmental problems and which stimulates citizen engagement, increased accountability and transparency especially in local governance, and more proficient problem-solving; contributing to a more sustainable livelihood. Raporto, Shih, dhe Diskuto problemet ne komunitetin tend: www.lokalizo.org
UPSHIFT KMUNA: Global Goals, Local Impact

UPSHIFT KMUNA is a synergy of our Kosovo Model United Nations Academy - KMUNA and the UPSHIFT project of the Unicef Innovations Lab Kosovo. UPSHIFT KMUNA - "Global Goals, Local Impact" is a Social Impact Workshop which prepares youth to identify, analyze, and take entrepreneurial action against challenges in their communities—helping young people realize their role as agents of social change, and building their leadership skills, professional readiness, and resilience along the way.This initiative is powered by the kind support of IPKO Foundation and a U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo grant (the opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are of PIKS NGO and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.)


Inside Out Kosova

Organized by the by-youth-for-youth NGO “Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo”, the Inside Out project in Kosovo is named “Through my eyes” (in Albanian “Përmes syve të mi”). The team spent several days in the community with the community taking portraits of people in seven municipalities in Kosovo. The portraits were posted in the heart of the capital city of Kosovo- Prishtina.                                                                                                                                                                                       We, Kosovo people, are citizens of the youngest country in Europe. We also happen to be citizens of the poorest country in the old continent. The post war state-building has brought many challenges for us. Negative feelings, hopelessness, seem to reign over our society. Yet, Kosovars want change and dream of a better tomorrow. But, people are now “trapped” in a mindset that if they fought for change, their efforts would produce no results.                                                                                                                                                                                        But we, the young people, know that state-building is a laborious task. It does not happen overnight. Through our eyes, there is still hope for a brighter future in the horizon. We desire others to see the current situation inside out and abolish the negative perceptions. By showcasing portraits of expressive, happy faces of people from all across Kosovo, every ethnicity and every faith, men and women, young and old, we hope to transmit positive emotions among those who will be seeing these portraits every day. All in all, the core intention of “Through my Eyes” is to initiate and stimulate positive thoughts, to convey hope and to implant the urge for a positive change which we believe it must come from all of us.



KMUNA will contribute in strengthening the social fabric and democratic foundation of Kosovo by educating the youth to be socially conscious, politically engaged, cooperative, culturally proficient and grow as better leaders of tomorrow who will guide the country to prosperity.

KMUNA will help high-schools create a Model UN Club, train advisers and students, and organize the Kosovo MUN Conference.


Science for Change Kosovo

SfCK is a citizen science project which makes measurements of air quality and other forms of pollution in local communities through digital and non-digital measuring devices which make it possible to map & share data on the internet. The community is at the heart of the scientific inquiry; not just measuring data, but deciding what and where it is important to measure, and taking part in analyzing the results. Data is used for advocacy to make a change, based on the enforcement of legal standards and environmental principles. In the process volunteers learn skills related to science & technology, increase their understanding of the impact of pollution on health and wellbeing, and feel in a stronger position to ask questions and take action.

Community-driven citizen science in Kosovo by Innovations Lab Kosovo, Transitions Online, Internet Artisan & Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo(PIKS)

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Lokalizo creates a new way for communication between community members, government representatives, and the civil society to increase the awareness about social and environmental issues which affect our community. Simultaneously, it eases the mobilization of resources from institutions and the civil society to solve the reported issues.

youth mapping environmental risks, man-made pollution and access to recreational spaces for children and youth in different neighborhoods in Prishtina. Their findings are shared with partners to revisit how the city of Prishtina is shaped.