Valbona Hoti was born in Germany, and since year 2000 she lives in Pristina, Kosovo. Valbona is currently working for GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) for the migration project DIMAK as Junior Advisor. She completed her undergraduate studies at the American University in Kosovo (RIT) with a double major in Management and Public Policy and minor in International Relations. During her undergraduate studies, she has been an active member in many university clubs and activities. Valbona has received a scholarship from USAID-TLP for the Certificate Program in Social Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University, USA.

Her continuous involvements in different NGO’s and activities have taught her the importance of giving back to the community. Therefore, she believes that the most important thing for a Nation to do in order to rise up is by helping each other. Hence, Valbona wants to further continue to work with local NGO’s and make a positive change for the future of Kosovo and its citizens.

I joined PIKS because I believe that a small group of: young, smart, creative, and passionate people have what it takes to make a positive change. Therefore, having this opportunity given to me, I want to use my passion and experience in helping PIKS achieve their goals in the best possible way. For that reason, being a member of PIKS is an honor and privilege since my aim is to give back to the community; with the hope that what we do today, will create a continuous effect of positive change for the future of Kosovo and its citizens.