Rineta graduated with highest honors from R.I.T. Kosovo where she studied Economics & Statistics and Public Policy & Governance. As a sophomore she served as an English tutor at R.I.T. Kosovo Academic Support Center while during her last year of studies and after graduation she worked as a Program Associate for IPKO Foundation. Complementary to her studies at A.U.K, she attended two international summer schools, one in the University of Ljubljana in 2011 and the other in the University of Vienna in 2012.

In 2014 Rineta, as one of the winners of TLP-SP scholarships, enrolled in the Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee for her master’s. She graduated on May 2016 earning a Master of Arts degree in Economics, with a focus on Development Economics. As part of her degree, she worked in projects related to economic development, one of which tackled children’s malnutrition in Guatemala while the other addressed the women’s education and employment in Dominican Republic. Back in Kosovo, she plans to become an active part of PIKS projects where she sees great potential in applying and further developing the skills and abilities gained during her previous experiences.

“Passionate about technology and how amazingly it can be utilized for the development and improvement of a community, I committed myself to be part of projects that do just that. This passion drives me to work every day so that I can see my passion unfold. I joined this team as soon as I found out it was a place where great people, with big ideas, a lot of passion, and loads of positive energy are gathered to make outstanding things happen. There is no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment and I am confident that with this team many of those feelings are soon to be experienced.”