Mentor was born and raised in Kosovo and in 2009 moved to the U.S. for continuing his studies. He attended Arizona State University where he got his Bachelors in Engineering with a focus on Alternative Energy. During that time Mentor had a change of hearts where he decided that the world does not need more engineers, but it needs more changemakers. Since that moment served as student senator and he helped start five student organizations, two non-profit organizations, and finished his masters in Global Technology and Entrepreneurship. In May 2015 he got recruited by Ashoka serving as the program coordinator for Ashoka’s Youth Venture. There he helps advance an everyone a changemaker world through by cultivating an ecosystem that values and supports young people to be changemakers.

 “One day I realized that the real enemies in life are not the people who cause problems, but the people who stay silent and don’t do anything about those problems. After that realization I decided to devote my life to solve problems through entrepreneurship, community service, and mindfulness. I see myself as a simple, young, and ambitious entrepreneur that does not miss an opportunity to help others. I believe that in order for humanity to survive on this planet, the 21st century should be a century of science, compassion, and entrepreneurship. I truly believe that the youth of Kosovo can be a driving force towards more prosperity in the Balkan region in Europe. Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo is an organization that is focused on creating platforms that empower the youth to take meaningful action through entrepreneurship and community service. We welcome passionate people to join. Lokalizo is our first project and I love being a part of this team. All the individuals here are smart, passionate, and hardworking.”