“Lander holds a BA Degree from RIT in Kosovo (A.U.K.) with a double major background in Management and Public Policy and a minor in Economics. While recently with a scholarship from the Swedish Institute he is pursuing Master Studies at Uppsala University with a concentration in Sustainable Development, he will graduate in 2017.

Heretofore, Lander has accumulated a wealth of professional experience in the development agenda of Kosovo by working across many sectors. His previous employers include PILPG, USAID, ProCon L.L.C., IOM. He periodically writes op-ed articles depicting global issues, events, trends in relation to his local reality, most often with an underlining theme of global environmental politics.
In August 2013, he invited a group of kindred spirits and together co-founded PIKS NGO with the goal to empower youth peers and increase the role of youngsters in decision-making and leading the development agenda of Kosovo. Now for more than three years, Lander served as the Team Leader; and has grown to become a pragmatic idealist active in implementing grassroots projects and micro (social entrepreneurial) ventures in Kosovo.
He has developed a great interest in working with systems and enacting systematic change especially in the realms of sustainable development, education, innovations, democracy, economy; while still of special importance is youth empowerment and organizational behavior. Recently he has devoted a great aspect of his work in fostering cross-sectoral partnerships guided by the idea of creating shared value and social responsibility.
“I am a pragmatic idealist greatly passionate about empowering people and promoting the ideal that ‘the key to leadership is creating leaders in others’. In every step of my life, I have felt the need to contribute in bringing my country and my culture closer to the developed world so that my people have access to more prosperous living standards. For this reason, I approached kindred spirits, motivated and greatly ambitious, and proposed the idea of launching our own organization to empower the youth and break into new frontiers.”