Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Prishtina, I am a young high-school graduate who is twice older than the country I live in. Based on these circumstances, I became a witness of the gradual growth and change that me and the country I live in are going through each year, both facing greater objectives in a quest for greater influence and inner strength. As a kid, I was always eager to find and use the global trends on Internet before they became mainstream, paying attention to details that created the clickbaits that triggered people’s attention to know more. The long time I spent online made social media and its tricks familiar to me and fortunately social media marketing became the next big thing in advertising shortly after. This is where I knew that there is a way for me to put my skills to use in the good of others. After volunteering in two projects made by PIKS, i found my way into becoming the youngest addition to this organization that gave me the chance to explore the multiple dimensions of being a social media manager and to be surrounded by highly accomplished people. My goal is to use words and posts responsibly by finding thought-provoking, daring and fun material to recreate and write-up for the effective and far-reaching communications campaign of our work and enjoyment of everyone.