Weekendavisen - Danish Newspaper
This past week we are mentioned in the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen Our Executive Director Lander Islami is quoted below: "Recently, people left Kosovo not only because of unemployment, corruption, and nepotism; the international community is to be blamed as well. The EU recently signed an agreement on visa liberalization for 45 million Ukrainians. Nevertheless, we are 1.8 million Kosovars still caught in what many see as a European ghetto. We are the only European country whose citizens cannot travel freely. The young people are disappointed because they want to see the world and come back with new ideas" says Landër Islami the 25-year-old co-founder of the youth organization, Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo - PIKS.
Inside Out Kosova
Science for Change Kosovo (SfCK) 2.0
The Kosovo Model United Nations Academy (KMUNA)
PIKS Supports the The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
At the three-day Sustainable Development Summit 2015 at the UN HQ, world leaders unanimously adopted a historic set of global goals on eliminating poverty, achieving gender equality, and securing health and well-being for all people, The acceptance of this bold new agenda – the culmination of years of research and negotiation – was met with raucous cheers and a standing ovation by representatives of the 193 UN member states. We Love SDGs
 “It is an agenda for the planet, our common home, an agenda for shared prosperity, peace and partnership,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. “It conveys the urgency of climate action. It is rooted in gender equality and respect for the rights of all.Above all, it pledges to leave no one behind.”
This agenda is a follow up of the Millenium Development Goals (2000-2015) that are also part of the mission of PIKS. Hereinafter the new agenda with the 17 goals, determines an updated course of our work.

PIKS-NGO with the Mission of Empowering Kosovar Youth
"Per pjesen me te madhe te themeluesve te PIKS, A.U.K ishte nje pikenisje me rendesi. Sot kur ne jemi ne rruge te mbare per ta bere PIKS nje storie suksesi, shpresojme dhe inkurajojme bashkepunimin me A.U.K dhe institucionet e tjera qe kontribuojne per te mire ne jeten e te rinjeve ne Kosove. Perderisa, ftojme studente e studente te diplomuar, te te gjitha ketyre institucioneve qe te behen pjese e jona. linku i artikullit origjinal   Me poshte linku i faqes ku listohen anetaret e PIKS, nje faqe qe pret te mbushet me emra te rinje te njerzve entuziaste: http://pi-ks.org/?page_id=380" =============================================================
"A.U.K has been a very important starting point for the vast majority of PIKS founders. Today while we are on the right track of making our organisation a great story of success, we truly hope and highly encourage potential further cooperations with A.U.K and other relevant institutions towards creating a positive impact for the youth in Kosovo. Meanwhile, we invite current students and graduates of these institutions to be one of us.   See below the link on which you can find the list of current members of PIKS, a list which is certainly open for enthusiastic people who are willing to part of it. http://pi-ks.org/?page_id=380"
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Kosovo Activate Talk: Youth and Adolescents in the Driver’s Seat

Kosovo Activate Talk: Youth and Adolescents in the Driver’s Seat

Kosovo | November 27, 2014
UNICEF Kosovo (UNSC1244) Programme is re-imagining the way youth and adolescents relate to the development agenda, equipping young people with methods, tools, and technologies to understand and solve challenges in their communities, and empowering them with the support, guidance, and resources to make their solutions real. UNICEF Kosovo featured  young people who are driving change in their communities and the duty-bearers supporting their efforts. Among other speakers, there was also our member Lander Islami who presented about the impact of the Lokalizo Project and the way forward for this undertaking http://talk.unicef.org/events/kosovo-activate-talk-youth-adolescents-drivers-seat/#.VTBHRhNbm5J  
GPY2015: The Global Partnership for Youth “Prioritizing Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda”
  We are proud to announce that our organization has joined a global call for action regarding Prioritizing Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.  The Call reflects Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.26.58 AMan emerging global consensus on concrete proposals for target areas on youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and has been endorsed by more than 1000 youth-led organizations from over 140 countries around the world, as well as by major global youth networks and alliances.
  The Global Partnership for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the signatories of this call urge Governments to incorporate the following youth-focused target areas in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
  • Ensure universal access to quality primary and post-primary education and expand equitable access to tertiary education
  • Ensure all young people achieve recognized and measurable learning outcomes with quality formal, non-formal and vocational education and training that equips them with the relevant knowledge and skills to lead safe, healthy and productive lives, to meet the demands of the job market and to foster global citizenship.
  • Reduce the number of youth not in employment, education or training and increase access to decent work and livelihoods amongst young people by providing access to learning opportunities, putting in place school-to-work transition policies, strengthening public private partnerships for better skills-matching, enhance access to financial and non-financial services to increase opportunities for youth-led entrepreneurship, and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
  • Ensure young people’s meaningful and inclusive participation in decision making processes, governance and peace building, and develop, implement and adequately fund cross-sectorial youth policies and review mechanisms, in the framework of the World Programme of Action for Youth
  • Improve the physical, social and mental health of adolescents and youth, promote healthy behaviors for reducing the risk of Non-Communicable Diseases and substance abuse, and increase access to affordable, acceptable and quality-assured adolescent- and youth-friendly health services and information
  • Ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, including HIV, modern methods of contraceptives, and comprehensive education on human sexuality, with a particular focus on adolescent girls;
  • Promote human rights and gender equality and eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against adolescents and youth, including adolescent girls and young women, including child, early and forced marriage and harmful practices.
  • Strengthen collection and analysis of data on adolescents and youth, disaggregated by age, sex and marital status, to promote monitoring, evaluation, accountability and transparency and support advocacy and policy making.

The full outcome of this collaboration can be found in the document which you can download through the link below: At the bottom of the document you can find the list of the organizations which have made this initiative possible,  PIKS is listed as number 698.

Download the Global Call on Youth document 
PIKS joins DigitalSocial.eu
We are happy to announce that we have joined the www.digitalsocial.eu platform which gathers organizations from across the European Continent which use the internet for social good. Visit the link below for reading more about our project Lokalizo and the work that we do over the internet to gear social good. http://digitalsocial.eu/projects/90ca3859-5440-aa35-7de5-4995ff08611b  

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